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No More Dirty Tricks!

"The fight isn’t about Republicans vs. Democrats. It is about whether to twist the nation’s system of electing presidents to give one party an unfair advantage. No principled elected official, or voter, of either party should support that."
Editorial Board
New York Times
"The Presidential Election Reform Act is a classic wolf in sheep’s clothing. This time the prey is fairness, our democracy, and real electoral reform."
Arianna Huffington
The Huffington Post
"A proposed change... in the way California's votes are allocated in the presidential election might have a sheen of fairness, but it is nakedly partisan and profoundly subversive of our constitutional system."
Editorial Board
Orange County Register
"These pernicious initiatives often pass in this state because they are cleverly misleading and they are on the ballot in low turnout elections. This time it affects the whole country and it would be smart for everyone to get involved."
"They can’t get a permanent Republican majority through the strength of ideas, through developing policies that work, or by providing compelling candidates with visions for the future that a majority of Americans can support. So they resort to dirty tricks."
Daily Kos
"California shouldn't unilaterally switch methods of determining how it apportions electoral votes. Any change must be applied equally to all states. Otherwise, it's naked politics masquerading as reform."
Editorial Board
San Jose Mercury News
"Awarding California's electoral votes based on the outcome in each congressional district is unfair, harmful to democratic precepts and a blatant political power grab. Such ridiculous thinking should be abandoned."
Editorial Board
Stockton Record
"Republicans would rather radically upend California’s election laws to favor themselves than change their extremist ideology that’s so out of step with the people."
Jerome Armstrong

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No More Dirty Tricks!
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Dirty tricksters caught on video at UC Santa Barbara

As you know, California Counts -- a cabal of right-wing political operatives linked to Rudy Giuliani -- are working hard to steal the White House (again) in 2008. They want to fool California voters into changing the rules so Giuliani -- or some other regressive Republican presidential nominee -- can rob at least 20 Electoral College votes from California.

When Steven Attewell, an eagle-eyed member of the blog Daily Kos, alerted Courage Campaign staffer Erik Love that California Counts petition-gatherers at UC Santa Barbara were gathering signatures to help "children with cancer," he headed out to investigate. And, sure enough, Erik noticed that "children with cancer" was just a sneaky tactic to get people to sign the so-called "Electoral College Reform Initiative" -- what we call the dirty trick initiative.

Erik and a Courage Campaign film crew caught these sneaky tactics on our No Dirty Tricks video page:

Now, Secretary of State Debra Bowen is considering whether to open an investigation -- if enough of us come forward with stories like what Erik saw at UCSB.

If you've seen a signature gatherer using sneaky tactics to obtain signatures for the Dirty Trick Initiative, please let us know and we will pass on the information to Secretary Bowen:


Believe it or not, the Dirty Trick is... back from the dead

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the right-wing's dirty trick -- to steal the White House in 2008 using a sneaky California ballot initiative -- is back from the dead.

Vowing to spend "whatever it takes to make the June ballot," right-wing consultant David Gilliard announced that a team of veteran Republican campaign strategists will revive the previously abandoned dirty trick.

It sounds like an episode of "The West Wing," but Bradley Whitford will be the first to tell you that this dirty trick is real -- and dangerous. The so-called "Presidential Election Reform Act" would result in the Republican theft of at least 20 electoral votes -- the equivalent of winning Ohio. Rather than win fair-and-square, the Swift-Boat cabal thinks it can steal the White House by putting their dirty trick on the June 2008 ballot, changing the rules of the presidential campaign just a few months before the general election in November.

Despite the collective people-powered push-back by the Courage Campaign's netroots-driven "No Dirty Tricks" coalition, strong campaigns by the California Democratic Party and Fair Election Reform, and withering critiques of the initiative from liberal and conservative newspaper editorial boards across the state -- these dirty tricksters still think that they can pull a fast one on Californians.

The desperation of these right-wing consultants would be laughable if they weren't so frighteningly effective at stealing elections. As just one example, two of the top consultants working on reviving this scary ballot initiative were on the campaign staff of the infamous Katherine Harris -- the Secretary of State who helped George W. Bush steal the 2000 "hanging chads" election in Florida.

We killed the first attempt to get this dirty trick on the California ballot. Now we've got to kill the second, even more ominous dirty trick.

Together, we can stop the right-wing from trying to steal the White House. Again. Please take action today to support our netroots-driven and grassroots-empowered campaign to defeat these dirty tricksters:

JOIN our campaign by signing our "No Dirty Tricks" pledge.

CONTRIBUTE via the Courage Campaign's special "No Dirty Tricks" ActBlue page.

Courage Campaign building people-powered movement to defeat GOP's dirty tricksters

No more dirty tricks.

Not in California. Not in America.

Realizing they can’t win the White House playing by the rules, the Swift Boat cabal is at it again, scheming to pass the so-called "Presidential Election Reform Act" on June's primary ballot in California. If it passes, this dangerous initiative will result in the Republican theft of at least 20 electoral votes in November's general election -- the equivalent of Ohio.

A scathing New York Times editorial ("Stacking the Electoral Deck") called this nakedly partisan power-grab an "elaborate dirty trick" by a "shadowy group" of right-wing Republicans that will "do serious damage to our democracy."

Enough is enough. It's time to go on offense.

JOIN our campaign by signing our "No Dirty Tricks" pledge.

CONTRIBUTE via the Courage Campaign's special "No Dirty Tricks" ActBlue page.